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الحمد لله اكتفيت

how to read it its meaning pls

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    When you have enough from something (food, drink...etc.)
    pronunciation: al 7amdu lillah, ektafait(o)*.
    "ektafait" means "I had enough".

    *Depends on how you'd like to pronounce it, with tashkeel or not.

    Hope this helps!

    [All] praise is [due] to Allah (god), i had enough.
    الحمد لله means: Praise be to God or Thank God.
    اكتفيت means: I had enough.

    pronunciation: al-hamd li' Llah, ektafait. / al-hamdu-lillah, ektafait.

    Muslim says al-hamd li' Llah (الحمد لله) "Whenever one receives bounty or gift from God one should say al-hamd li' Llah (الحمد لله) and if he receives nothing and is in greatest state of difficulty and need, he still says al-hamd li' llah (الحمد لله)."

    الحمد لله has three basic parts:
    * Al = The
    * Hamd-u = Praise/Glorification/Thanks
    * li = preposition - for/to/belonging to
    * Allah = (The God, God)

    thank god i had enough

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