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how much is uttrakhand disaster man made and natural

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    Totally Man Made. Hurricanes occur in US but they get back on their feet in a matter of days. But India government is so fudging stupid. First they allowed illegal construction at the mountain sites, second they completely ignored disaster management authorities warnings about a possible cloud burst and after this all happened , they are blaming each other and using it as a propaganda for 2014 elections.


    60 % man made and 40 % natural. Miss management and due to negletion by the Govt. has resulted in such disaster. God knows When good sense prevail in the minds of them.

    It is man made , engineered by the Govt, to enrich politicians, bureacrats, and the vested interests, basically the big financial interests at the cost of the local people and communities. The mountains have been hollowed, the rivers have been excavated and billion of cubic meters of muck and debris is strewn all over, and millions of tress and shrubs have been uprooted and destroyed.

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