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When's your Birthday?

If you want to ask someone when their birthday is, can you say تولود تون کدوم است؟ Colloquially, can you say, تولود تون کدومه؟

Sorry, in تولود there should be a tashdid on the ل.

Thank you!

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    im native persian
    you write : which is your birthday !

    the correct form is: Tavalodetun key hast ?

    we use kodum to select something , example :kodum ro mikhay ghermez ya siah ?


    Hi, you can say some different phrases:

    - tavalodet key hast?
    - key tavalodete?
    - tArikhe tavalodet key-e?
    - tArikhe tavalodet key hast?
    - tavalodet che tArikhi-e?

    You can replace "to" for "shomA" as well. ;)

    - tavalode shomA key hast?
    - key tavalodetun-e?
    - tArikhe tavalode-tun key-e?
    - tArikhe tavalode shomA key hast?
    - tavalode shomA che tArikhi-e/ hast?

    "tArikh" means "date". ;)

    You can use "kodoom" if you ask the question as below:

    "tavalode shomA kodoom tarikhe? " which is not very common. ;)

    Great job!

    All the best

    Language Fan

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