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вот тут зто там


What is the difference?вот тут зто I understand вот тут зто to mean here's/there's... but is there more than one way to say: там?

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Thank you Sonia, I know TAM is there but is this the only way to say it since there seems to be three ways to say Here is/ there is?

I'm confused on which one to use when because all three words mean the same thing.

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    з != э

    В общем случае получается что-то вроде:
    тут = here
    там = there
    вот тут = over here
    вон там = over there

    "Вот тут это", I dont think you will hear someone says like that. Probably it will be "это вот тут/вон там", which means its over here/over there.

    прямо тут/там - right here/there

    где-то тут/там - somewhere here/there

    First, "Э" and "З" are different letters.

    это = it

    вот = 1) here 2) there 3) exactly (All three meaning are colloquial. We usually use the word when we see the place and I can point at it my forefinger.)

    тут = here (colloquial)

    здесь = here

    там = there

    So, in formal speech there is only one word for "here" and only one word for "there".

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