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Anyone Know where i can Download Language Pack IMES for Windows XP??

I'm trying to type in Korean or Japanese, or any other eastern asian language, but unfortunately i don't have Windows XP CD to install the languages. I tired other sites to download the language pack, but for some reason it says my windows XP is not "genuine" or something, all i know is that downloading it from the Microsoft office doesn't work. I also tried everything to change it through control panel, then clicking languages and downloading the eastern Asian languages, but it says i need the CD, and i also even input different languages in the advanced tab.... Anyone have any idea if i could still be able to type in Korean or jap or chinese without having the Windows XP CD?

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    Unfortunately, you need a windows install CD to install Korean language pack. It doesn't have to be language cd or any different kind of cd, the cd is just okay what you used when you install your computer. well of course you can download language pack via Microsoft office website, but it's allowed only for people who're using legal copy of product. other way? sorry, I think you should borrow the windows cd from your friends. :)

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