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How do i change my keyboard from English to the foreign language?

Im still very new to the language and dont know many if any of the characters anyway but how to I convert my English characters into kanji?

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    I don't know anything about Japanese, but you can do this to add languages.
    If you have a Windows computer:
    Go into Control Panel, click Clock, Language and then Region\Language.
    Click 'add a language', select 'Japanese' and click 'add'.

    On the bottom-right of your start menu, you should see an icon saying 'EN' or 'ENG'. This indicates your currently using the standard English keyboard. Whenever you want to change the input language, click on that and select whatever language you want. If you're on Windows 8, you can click the start-key and the space bar at the same time to scroll through your languages.

    I use that for all my languages, including Chinese characters. I can type Japanese characters with it right now, but I have no idea what they mean.

    From what I can tell it works similar to the Chinese keyboard: begin to type the English letters for Japanese words (for Chinese this is called 'Pinyin', I don't know about Japanese) and the system will guess what character you want. For example, typing 'yi' gives me 'い'. If that isn't the character you want, click or hold (the latter brings up a list) the space bar and select what character you want from a list (イ,意 and 井 are other possible options for 'yi'). There will be a line underneath the characters as you type, which indicates you haven't 'set' the character yet. To do this, just click 'enter'.

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