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what does this sentence "눈을 뜰 수가 없다" means?

when i use google translate, it comes out as " i can not open my eyes"
what does 수가 means? is it a verb/adjective/noun? can you give me lots of example too please?
what does 뜰 means? is it the conjugated form of something? if it is what does it means and what is it based form?
thank you :3

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    The following structure is used to say: I can't -Verb-

    Verb+ㄹ/을 수(가) 없다

    지금 이얘기할 수(가) 없어요. I can't talk right now.
    밥이 없어서 요릴 수(가) 없어요. There's no food so I can't cook.

    1. First you have to drop 다 and add 을 (if the verb ends with a consonant) ㄹ(if the verb ends with a vowel)

    To go 가다 //// 갈
    To live 살다 //// 살 (If the vowel ends with ㄹ you only drop 다)
    To eat 먹다 //// 먹을

    2. 수 literally means "way, capability" and is the verb 없다 "not to be". So this would take the meaning as: No to have a way to - Verb (But nowadays translated as ---> Cannot - Verb). And 가 is a particle but it's not necessary to use it.

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