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I would like to know if there are any Nachname which people also use as Spitzname!!!!!!!!!!! Danke!!

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    Hello Katty,

    I assume the most famous example in Germany is Franz Beckenbauer and his nickname “Kaiser“.

    When someone has a certain vocation, s/he may be nicknamed according to it: Fischer, Bäcker, Müller, Schreiber, Koch, Zöllner, Bulle. (These are German surnames, too.)

    I guess that in some circles in Germany (in the army, in prisons, etc.) some people have the nickname “Wolf“. (“Herr Wolf“ was the nickname of Adolf Hitler.) And “Wolf“ is also a German surname and a Christian name. Famous examples: Markus Wolf, Wolf Biermann.

    Surnames/nicknames that are also pet names: Herz, Schatz, Liebling, Spatz.




    Ich verstehe die Frage nicht.
    Ein Spitzname ist zum Beispiel:
    Melanie (richtiger Name) - Meli (Spitzname)
    Christian - Chris
    Benjamin - Beni/Benny
    Lisa - Lissi

    Warum sollten Leute Nachnamen als Spitznamen benutzen?

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