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y en a assez

I heard this phrase 'y en a assez fraté' while watching the reality t.v. programme called 'Les Marseillais a cancun'. They seem to use it quite often. I have know idea what it means. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Firstly; if you want to learn french, don't look these Tv show, you may do less mistakes than them :p
    The sentence, "y'en a assez fraté" can be traduced by "we're fed up, bro"
    Fraté is used in the south (Marseille particularly) of france, like bro in USA ;)


    Litteraly, that means "that's enough, brother" or with the style on "stop that bro!"

    I am however definitively desperate about this show, please believe all inhabitants of Marseille are not like the one in Cancun....

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