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Different forms of thank you in Farsi.

Hello! I was going through a book that teaches Farsi and it had the word متشکرم (tashdid on the Kaaf) as Thank you. I thought مرسیwas Thank you. متشکرم is put in the من form so I assume that it means "I am thankful" but I'm not sure. What exactly does it mean?
!!مرسی یا متشکرم

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    Hi, bravo Simon, that's exactly what " متشکرم " means .

    About the word "merci", I've gotta tell you, that is a French word, and it's like when an American says "Adios" instead of "Goodbye" , now you tell me Simon, which one is correct to use in American Language ?- adios or goodbye ?

    So, if you're talking in Farsi, you SHOULD say " متشکرم " instead of " مرسی " .

    موفق باشی = Good luck

    کلمه فارسی که هم معنی با مرسی و متشکرم باشد ، ممنون یا ممنونم است.

    I must say that if you want to thank someone in real Persian, the word is: سپاسگزارم

    متشکرم and ممنونم both have Arabic roots ( ش ک ر and م ن ن respectively) and مرسی is French. But all of them with the same meaning are common among native speakers while سپاسگزارم is actually more formal.

    Yes, You are right. متشکرم means "I am thankful/grateful". But remember that in Farsi we can omit the subject from the sentence, so we don't need to say من متشکرم.
    Other expressions are:
    مرسی، ممنون، ممنونم، سپاسگزارم،

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