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Which tanween should I use in which cases?

كتاباً (kitaaban) = Which case?
كتابٌ (kitaabun) = Which case?
كتابٍ (kitaabin) = Which case?

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    you have to know when the name is منصوب or مرفوع or مجرور

    the name is منصوب
    EX : I'm reading a book : أقرأ كتابًا
    كتاب is the object of the verb (the object in Arabic is always منصوب)
    in this case you add tanween and after that you add "ا"

    the name is مرفوع
    EX : ..قال رجلٌ a man said...
    here رجل is the subject of the verb (the subject in Arabic is always مرفوع)

    the name is مجرور (not very common)
    EX : سألني صديقي عن كتابٍ my friend asked me about a book
    here كتاب come after عن that's why it is مجرور
    when the name comes after some prepositions it's مجرور
    some common prepositions are : من عن على في

    when the name is designated, it has the definite article : ( ال at the beginning ) there is no tanween, so we say
    أقرأ الكتابَ I'm reading the book


    ًدخل كلبٌ إلى المنزلِ فأكل سمكةًَ
    a cat entered the house and ate a fish
    here there is two sentences connected with ف
    دخل قط إلى المنزل
    قط is the subject of the verb دخل
    أكل سمكة
    سمكة is the object of the verb أكل

    kitaabun = nominative case (al-marfou')
    kitaaban = accusative case (al-mansoub)
    kitaaben = genitive case (al-majrour)

    كِتَابٌ = kitabun = مرفوع (marfou' form)

    كِتَابٍ = kitabin = مجرور (majrour form)

    كِتَابًا = kitaban = منصوب (mansoub form)

    ( Subject + verb + complement )

    The subject is marfou'
    The complement is mansoub
    After one of the أدوات الجر or حروف الجر (prepositions) it's always majrour

    Here some of them: من، الى، عن، على، في، حتى

    Hope this helps

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