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A person was prescribed some herbal medicine for a cold.

こっちは桂 枝湯や葛根湯 あたりが出るかなと思っていたら、瓢箪 を煎じた 薬だっ

Could you please translate this sentence for me and if anyone knows what these medicines are like, could you please also explain it. Also I did no understand the meaning of this part: あたりが出る

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    From the sentence, it's the obvious that the writer went to somewhere unfamiliar to him and asked someone a cold medicine in unspecific way.

    "I was expecting to get prescribed Keishito , Kakkonto or something close to them, bit it turned out to be brewed gourd medicine."

    These medicines are so called Kampo, probably as you know. Unfortunately I know nothing about them.

    About this あたりが出る, the phrase is incomplete. It should follow some Noun like 葛根湯 あたり. And it means *about / around / close to *. このあたりに家を建てる = I'll build a house around here. 出る on this context means to appear in his sight, which implies he gets prescribed.

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