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Hello, im having trouble translating an article and if anyone have the time and will to translate it for me or parts of it i would be very greatful.

here is the link:

If you cant translate all of it, maybe just a paragraph?

Thank you!

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    The accomplishment of this strange experience was not easy for its makers; where it was encountered by obstacles, which the director of the work “Tamer el ashry” talks about, saying “when we decided to present this work, it was hard to find a guy to go through (engage to) this experience, and agrees to impersonate Girl, till we found Waleed, who was much excited for the idea, he has been also had a passion to know why the youth harass, and that was one of our goals of the work, and when they chose the downtown area of the shooting as the most prominent place where cases of harassment take place, we had a great fear of exposure; specially that shooting was with hidden cameras. ">>> 2nd paragraph

    You can use google translate


    I can't translate all of it, so I'll write briefly what it talks about.
    This is not a translation.
    This article is talking about a guy who dressed like a girl to try to know why harassment occur. It was difficult to find a guy who agrees to this, but they found one who was willing to do this, his name is "Walid". They chose downtown Cairo for shooting, because it's crowded and many harassment occur there. Walid dressed as a girl two different times, one with veil and one without veil to see if the clothes which the girls wear is the cause for harassment or not. But he was harassed in both.
    Also, it talks about how difficult it was to shoot in downtown Cairo as it's crowded, and that Walid shouldn't speak to anyone because of his voice. But while walking he hit some goods so he said "asef" ("sorry" in masculine form), so the seller was amazed! Also, it talks about the negative comments that he's getting from people who watch the video on youtube.
    Walid said "I wanted to know how the girls feel in a such situation, but I found it difficult, even if it's just verbal harassment"

    Personally, I read about it and watched the video a few weeks ago and liked the idea.
    Anyway, I hope this helps.

    A guy wandering in the streets of the downtown wearing clothes of a girl, once at day and other at night, once covering his head with a veil and other without it, but both scenes didn’t rescue him from the looks of the passersbys and their sour sayings, through an exciting experience to treat the phenomenon of sexual harassment in Egypt, which was gone through by the crew of “ awel el kheet” (the beginning of the thread) program, which introduces television survey investigations , addressing through them the problems of the society, and the experience ths time was to discuss the sexual harassment phenomenon by monitoring it’s percentage and shapes, and if it differs from a “mohagaba” (a woman wearing a veil/hijab) or this who which doesn't . >> the first paragraph

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