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What does 있답니다 mean?

I'm trying to understand this sentence from a 만화:

"매일 먹은 저녁을 체크하고 있답니다."


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    "있답니다" means somebody "is doing something" or "there is (are) something"

    For example,

    아기가 자고 있답니다 = a baby is sleeping.
    제 팬들이 미국에 있답니다 = There are my fans in the U.S..

    The sentence you mentioned means: I am checking out my dinner menu everyday.

    있답니다 sounds kinder and more personal than 있습니다. Normally, 있어요 is used. Although it depends on the personal use of the word, 있답니다 tends to be used in children books and some expressive sentences which try to sound cuter and more polite.

    I hope my answer helps! :)

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