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Which are the vowels of...

... the word "Italian" (referred to the language) in Hebrew?...

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    I use the Morfix dictionary online, it is excellent and free, it gives you all the vowels for any word, however sadly not for the various declinations/inflections (ie, it gives you only the vowels for the singular nouns, for the masculine singular adjectives, and for the past tense singular first person masculine verbs)


    By the way, that is pronounced italkit. You are Italian, I see, so pronounce it exactly as you would read this in Italian, the accent on the last syllable.


    Dear Marger, I replied to your comment, but maybe in the wrong spot, so I will copy it here....

    Copy and paste the word into a different program, where you can see it written in a different font, and bigger, and you'll see the vowels better. It looks like a single dot under the lamed here, because of the very small printing in this page, but there are two dots. It is a sheva. Or if you go to the Morfix dictionary you can type "italian" and you will see it clearly there.

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