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I want Dictionary to learn philipine language.

I want to know all philipine words in English i.e the Dictionary where phili words also write in english letter but pronunciations will be in phili lang and the meaning must in english.
Pl can u say in which site i able to see that or if there any book available pl. Send me the link of that book pl.
I hope yours help for that matter.
Urs Subi

For learning: Filipino (Tagalog)
Base language: English
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    Yes I'll teach you how to speak philippine language as long as you teach me also in your language. Yuo are asking of what is the meaning of pangit. Pangit means ugly, Maganda means beautiful, Gwapo means Handsome. Please let you tell me also about your language. I want to learn also your language. Thank you

    why dont you try to search on yahoo? Filipino and American alphabet are the same. and filipino is much easier to study(learn). the spelling are very easy to. unlike w/ english.

    yeah but you can use google too, much easier for me..think you might like it as well.

    I found this site:
    It's not a dictionary, but what's good with it is that it has an audio file where you could listen to some common Filipino phrases, sentences, etc. Hope it would help you. - your friend.

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