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When should the '는것' noun form of verbs be used in the Korean language?

How often is it used in conversation? In what sentences would it be used or not used????

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    This is the most basic and general way of changing an action verb into a noun. 것 [geot] originally means “a thing” “an object” or “stuff”, but when it is used like this, it can also mean “a fact” or “an act”.

    By changing verbs into nouns, [verb stem + -는 것] can take many different meanings.
    1. “doing” something
    2. the act of “doing” something
    3. the thing that you “do”
    4. what you “do”

    먹는 것 [meok-neun geot] = eating, the act of eating, the thing that you eat, what you eat
    보는 것 [bo-neun geot] = seeing, the act of seeing, the thing that you see, what I watch

    -는 것 is the standard form but often times, except for very formal situations, the form -는 거 is more commonly used because of the ease of pronunciation.

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