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Friends,i have heard type 3 conditional sentences like 'Had the driver been alert,the accident would not have happened'. Likewise can we start the type 2 and type 1 sentences like 'was the driver alert... and 'is the driver alert...? Thanks in advance.

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No,it was not for learning malayalam,it was for learning english.sorry

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    You're asking about inversion to create an "if" clause. It only works for type 1 and 2 conditionals if you use "be" for type 1 and "were" for type 2. That is, subjunctive forms of "to be". It simply won't work with other verbs.

    Example type 1:
    "Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread."

    Example type 2"
    "Were I rich, I would build a new house for my family."

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