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i need to translate the following in Farsi

say hello to your family
proud to know you
send my regards to your self
do not hisitate to call me any time
i feel relaxed here
i always buy it 50 $

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    به خانواده ات سلام برسان
    از آشنایی با شما خوشوقتم (خوشحالم)
    literally: i'm happy to know you

    هر وقت خواستی به من زنگ بزن
    =literally: call me any time you want
    من اینجا راحتم
    من همیشه این را 50 دلار میخرم/ من همیشه 50 دلار میخرمش
    I didn't get your third sentence, but a sentence like "Send my regards to John" can be translated as follows:
    از طرف من به جان تبریک بگو

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