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What is the difference between "Saya" and "Aku" ?

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    SAYA used when you are talking to older person or someone who is new for you. SAYA is for formal situation.

    you can use AKU when you have conversation with your best friend or someone who close with you. AKU is for informal situation.

    Saya is a formal form.
    Aku/-ku is an informal form.
    Both means "I" (subject) or "mine" (object)

    Saya is used when you speak to older people or to strangers. To show your respect.
    for example: Oh iya pak, buku itu punya saya. (oh, yes sir, that book is mine).

    Aku is used when you speak to your friends (of the same age).
    for example: Hai! Kemarin aku lihat kamu di PTC. (hey yesterday I saw you at PTC)

    Saya is formal, and Aku is informal.
    You use Saya to older people or someone you looked up upon,
    While "Aku" is to friends or people at your age

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