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What is the best way to learn turkish?

First thing is u have to know well turkish alphabet and work on special letters like ğ ş ç ü ö so u write how u read in u can read book or listening music u can easyly learn that lenguage.when u are fast reader u can look for meaning of words and u will learn like somebody touch on ur head with her magical wand ^___^

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    This website is excellent for learning almost any language. I have learned a few words in Turkish (and remembered them for years) as a result of the intro to the Roestta Stone program when I used it to learn French for school. It's a great program, but I don't remember a lot of the French I learned.

    find a teacher brother...


    I'm not sure what you want to know, so I've just corrected the errors in your text.

    "What is the best way to learn Turkish?"

    "The first thing is that you have to know the Turkish alphabet well, and work on special letters such as ğ, ş, ç, ü and ö. How you write a word is also how you say it in Turkish, so when reading a book or listening to music you can learn this language easily. When you become a faster reader, your can look for (look up?) the meanings of words and you will learn as if some fairy godmother has touched you on your head with her magical wand."

    a lot of practice.accent is really hard and grammer is really different.i can help.

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