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씀 - 이멜

It can be seen that i드림 or올림 is put at the end of an email (Best regards or smt like that), however, sometimes i can see "name of the sender with 씀", for ex: 유나 씀.

So what does it stand for?

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    유나 씀 - informal
    유나가 썼다

    유나 드림 or 유나 올림 - formal
    유나가 드린다 or 유나가 올린다

    씀, 드림, 올림 is used only in a mail.

    I often use "드림" at the end of the mail with my name when emailing to my boss or somebody who I think need to show respect, mostly strangers or persons than older than me.

    "씀" is used to persons who you know and are close, often the same age as you or younger than you, as chin.billy.leung mentioned above, it is often used in a short note than a letter.:)


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