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particle 'ma" in egyptian dialect

Hi friends please explain me about particle "ma" (ما) in colloqual arabic of Egypt
I know ,it used in negative sentence with "sh" (ش) But I heard "ma" in another sentence Please help me to understand using the " ma " in following examples Can I use these sentences without "ma" ?
1)انا عشت هناك لحد ما خلصت المدرسة
2)زاي ما انت عايز
3)اشرب شاي قبل ما تخرج
4)عمري ما قريت حاجة زاي كده
5) ما ارزلك
6)ما خلاص

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    I'm not sure about the meaning of the 5th sentence, but you can't omit ma from these sentences. It's difficult to explain when to use ma, and I can't translate it into English. I think the best way to use it correctly, is to memorize it as an expression.
    For example, لحد ما+verb as in the first sentence. Also, عمري ما andقبل ما +verb. The second sentence means "as you like", better to memorize it as expression too. The 6th sentence is used when you don't want to talk about something (or want to end talking) but the other still talking about it.

    Practice using it and you'll get used to it. You can make sentences using ma and I'll correct them for you.

    Sorry for my bad explanation.

    1- until لحد ما
    2-as .زاي ما
    3-befor (in future) قبل ما
    4-never عمري ما
    5-how much ! ما
    6-enough pls ما خلاص

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