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Latin!! What is the exact source of this excerpt (Augustinus)


Dear Latin-cracks, I have here something for you:

A friend asked me for the exact source of the sentence:

Viele, die drinnen sind, sind draußen, und viele, die draußen sind, sind drinnen.

which I unfortunately have to present here in German, because I dont even know what the Latin original sentence is.
We presume it must be Augustinus, but we dont know exactly which of his books.

Can somebody help?

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    Probably you're referring to this sentence:
    Multi etiam qui aperte foris sunt, et haeretici appellantur, multis e bonis catholicis meliores sunt.

    St. Agostino, De baptismo contra Donatistas, 4, 3, 4

    Hope it will be useful

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