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About 砝 fǎ


Hi! I would like to know the meaning of these sentences, taken from the Kangxi Zidian, about the character 砝 fǎ:


???? should be the ancient form of 竝 bìng, I suppose: but I don't know what is: ???? .

Thanks to everybody.

Additional Details:

I'm interested in understanding the etymology of the character, particularly where the component 去 is coming from.

Additional Details:

These are the two missing characters:



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    《廣韻》: 古韻書 (即字典)
    居怯切 : 反切 讀音表示法
    《集韻》 : 另一古韻書
    訖業切 : 反切 另一讀音表示
    从音劫 : 讀音如 劫
    硬也 : 意義是 堅硬
    又 : 再舉例
    居盍切 : 反切 第三種讀音表示法
    音???? : 讀音就是 ???? (ㄐ|ㄝˊ jie2)
    石聲 : 讀音就是 石 (但不念作 ㄕˊ shi2 見下說明)

    廣韻 :
    集韻 :
    反切 :
    石聲 :
    看似頗為費解 但其實 石 字的發音 在台灣閩南語裡頭是 tsio̍h
    與 韻書上的 劫 相近 請見
    中華民國教育部臺灣閩南語常用詞辭典 :


    Make up the weight on the scale of things
    1] [~ yards as the balance weight standard stuff, made ​​of metal, also known as "Fama."
    2 refers to the weight provided with a precise piece of metal or other materials, for weighing other objects (such as for the balance)

    ??? = 从 = 從
    從 之異體字甚多 您所見的漢字是以 圖形 顯示
    表示 該字尚未納入編碼
    該字也尚未收錄於 中華民國教育部異體字字典

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