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대매=다면서 ...

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    "다며" is short for "다면서", and "대매" is often used in conversation instead of "다며", but "대매" is not standard. :)

    e.g. 사랑한대매 = 사랑한다며 = 사랑한다면서

    Likewise, "떼매" instead of "때문에" is often found in casual conversation, even though it's not standard. :)


    What are you asking exactly?

    때매 is a wrong word. 땜에 is a right word as the meaning of 때문에. But I think koreans use 때매 commonly.

    Do you mean 땜에 ?? :/ 땜에 is the short form of 때문에. But I think it's only for internet chatting. 때문에 is the standard way of saying it ^^

    I don't know what 대매 and 다면서 are. What do those mean?

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