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¿Cuál es la diferencia entre “fijar” y “arreglar”?


Recently I was told that I shouldn't use "arreglar" for fixing software problems (known as "bugs" in English), but instead I should arreglar.

Can you explain the difference between these two words for me?

Muchas Gracias!

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    Hi Adam:

    First of all, sorry for my English. I can explain to you the differences:

    For software problems we use the verbs "arreglar" y "solucionar".
    If no one wants to fix this problem because it's very difficult, in Spain we call it in slang "marrón" (brown) or "marronazo".

    Fijar ____________________

    To prick, to nail, securing a body in another (Él ha fijado el espejo a la pared).
    Do something fixed or stable (Él ha fijado su oficina en el centro de la ciudad).
    Determine precisely something (Ellos ya han fijado el nuevo horario).
    Conduct or gaze intently focus or attention on something or someone (Ella fijó sus ojos en la pantalla).

    Arreglar __________________

    To sort, to put in order (arreglar los papeles del divorcio) Also personal (arreglarse los problemas).
    To primp, improve the physical appearance of a thing or person: (arreglar un piso) Also personal (arreglarse alguien para salir).
    To repair something broken or not working (ya han arreglado el equipo de música).
    Troubleshooting, amend (arreglar un asunto).
    Seasoning a dish (arreglar las patatas).
    Musical: Transforming a piece of music to be sung by voices or instruments other than the originals (arreglar una composición musical).
    Agree something between several people (arreglar una cita).

    I sincerely hope this helps.

    What's the verb you was told to avoid and what's the one you was told to use?

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