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इन वाक्यों को ठीक कीजिए।

The refuge's whereabouts are still unknown.
शरण के ठिकाने अज्ञात हैं

Despite the fact that product is ubiquitous, no one can name it.
उस उत्पाद सर्वव्यापक होने कि बवजुद कोई भी नाम ले सका

The ubiquity of that drug would've never happened if people had stepped in and taken immediate action.
उस उत्पाद कि सर्वव्यापकता कभी नहीं होता अगर लोगो कदाम उथाती ओर आकशेन लेती

Always face your problems, don't run away from them.
हमेशा समस्या सामने करो भाग नाहिं

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