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How to say: "how to say" and "I'm proud of ..." or "I'm proud to..." in Tagalog?

Quick vocabulary question:

How to say...

"How to say __ [in tagalog]" ? Sometimes, when I talk with friend, I ask: Paano mo sabihin __ [sa tagalog] "How do you say __ in Tagalog"
Is this correct?

Also... there seems to be many words for "proud", which one is used to express "I'm proud of ... (Examples: you, my achievements, my family, my friend) or "I'm proud to ... (Examples: be Filipino, be healthy, serve the army...)?

Salamat nang maaga.

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    woah is right, however I just wanna clear out few things.

    "how to say" = "paano sasabihin"
    "how are YOU going to say = "paano MO sasabihin"
    "how are you going to say THIS" = "paano mo ITO sasabihin"

    "I'm proud of ..." is in present tense so it should be "Ipinagmamalaki ko ang..." ---> notice the reduplication of "ma".
    because "Ipinagmalaki ko ang..." is in past tense, therefore it means "I was proud of..."

    "I'm proud to... " = "ipinagmamalaki kong/ ko na..."

    Example (Halimbawa):
    I'm proud of my father. = Ipinagmamalaki ko ang aking ama.
    I'm proud to say that I graduated with honors. = Ipinagmamalaki kong sabihin na nagtapos ako nang may mga parangal.

    Good luck! ;)

    "how to say" is "paano sasabihin"
    "how are you going to say" is "paano mo ito sasabihin"

    proud is "pinagmalaki" or "ipinagmalaki"
    example: "im proud to be a filipino" - "ipinagmalaki ko na filipino ako"
    Im proud to be healthy - "ipinagmalaki ko na malusog (healthy) ako"..

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