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How to use this word “handle it(this)” in a sentence(conversation)

A: Welcome to my home! I am glad to see you.Please come in!
B:Thank you! The train was so crowded so I'm feeling sort of tired.
A: Are you OK?
B:but I'm ok!
A:Then, Let's have a drink of beer or something! I'm really sorry,I must be away on urgent business,I have to go to the hospital to see out aunt tomorrow with my mon, so I can't go to a movie theater with you.
B: No problem.I can hadle this. Don't worry.
Husbad: What's for dinner tonight?
Wife: I am still thinking about it.What do you want ?
Husbad: I feel like eating chicken!
Wife: (look into the refrigerator)....It running out of chicken for 3 people, I don't want to go to the supermarket in the raining like cats and dog!....Hey,My Angel,Can you handle it?
My son: I can handle it!

Please make a correction.

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    The first example is incorrect because "I can handle it(this)“ is used to tell someone that you can complete a task or some small piece of work by yourself. The first example has one person asking the second to a fun activity, and then second person declining. The first person cannot say "I can handle this" because he wasn't asking for help to complete a task or work.

    The second example has the correct usage of this phrase.

    Note, your examples have some words that are misspelled but I did not correct them here.

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