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The difference between Me, Estoy and Yo

Whats the different between Me, Estoy and Yo and how to use them in sentence ? Whats "Ya' in spanish ? I find it hard to explain when I asked it to my spanish friend. Thank you.

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    Yo = I
    Estoy/Soy = I am/I'm
    Ya = now/already
    Me = direct object(págame ahora) pay me now
    Me = indirect object(me los enviaron ayer) they mailed them to me yesterday


    Ya=already "¿Comiste ya?"
    me=indirect and direct pronoun used in the following way. "¿Me compras un bocadillo?" "Dámelo", etc.
    yo=I. "yo quiero un bistec."
    estoy=first person singular conjugation of verb "estar". "(yo) estoy cansado."

    ya suele ser un advervio =already aunque en lenguaje hablado tambien se usa como confirmación de que se entiende lo que el otro está hablando; se dice solo "ya" (ya entiendo). como a equivalente a "I kown·"

    is complicated explain the Pronouns ME, . this is pronouns directs and indirects, please see this link, may be can help you.

    estoy is a verb to be, yo estoy presente = I am present,

    end yo = I

    ya is another complicated word, usually is used like (now) or (alredy), this other link can help you


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