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i want to know how to say (too) in farsi
example: my country too
my brother too
also i want to know (all)
all of us
all of them
all of you
(not all of them)

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: Persian (Farsi)
Category: Culture



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    keshvare man ham hamintor=keshvare manam hamintor (colloquial language)
    baradare man ham hamintor=baradare manam hamintor (colloquial language)
    Hamchineen (hamintor) mikhaham bedanam = mikham bedoonam (without also) (colloquial language)
    hameye ma= hamamoon (colloquial language)
    hameye anha= hamashoon (colloquial language)
    hameye shoma= hamatoon (colloquial language)
    hichkodam = hichkodoom (colloquial language)

    Javabe mohammad kamelan doroste

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