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Online Korean dictionary with wildcard lookup?


Does anyone know of any online Korean dictionaries that let you use wildcards to search for words?

For instance, i want to search for words that have 수 in them and get results like 호수, 온수, 수박, 분수, 온수기, etc.

I would like to be able to search for *수* or even just 수 to get those results.


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    If you want a detailed search in 네이버 dictionary, you can use either wildcard character "*" in the search box or clicking the dialogue box of '상세검색'.

    for examples,
    *수 : the words for beginning with "수", such as 수박, 수저, 수리, 수도, etc.
    수*: the words for ending with "수", such as 교수, 가수, 세수, 선수, etc.
    *수*: the words for including with "수", (including *수 and 수*)

    However, 다음 dictionary has no such a wildcard character in search box. it has only some operators for AND(+) and NOT(-).

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