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거기가서도 계속들어올거지?into eng

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Also what does 프사는 왜 코만 보임 mean into eng ??

구만 or 쿠만 mean !!

Thank you ..!

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    거기가서도 계속 들어올꺼지?
    → Are you keep doing this when you go there?
    (I don't know exactly what do you mean of 거기)

    프사는 왜 코만 보임
    → Why do you only post your nose on your profile picture.

    구만, 쿠만
    → It is a dialect which put the end of the verb.
    Ex) 맛있다. > 맛있구만
    졸리다 > 졸립구만

    I hope it helps. :)

    거기가서도 계속들어올거지?
    You will keep coming after you go there, Won't you?

    프사는 왜 코만 보임 kind of means "Why does your profile picture look so anxious", 구만하다 means like to feel anxious or oppressed when you're afraid, and 쿠만 and 코만 i think are just slang variations of 구만. and 프사 is an abbreviation and slang for 프로필 사진 which means profile picture.

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