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When I want to recount the story of a place, in Turkish, what past tense would fit better

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    If you want to tell yourself in a place as past tense , you can use "past tense with -di " . Example; Orda çok güzel fotoğraflar çekdim. ( I took very beautiful pics there)
    There are two past tenses in turkish ;
    Past tense with -di (-di'li geçmiş zaman) --> Regular past tense
    Past tense with -miş (-miş'li geçmiş zaman) --> Also called the story past tense
    The use of the past tense with -di is almost the same as the English past tense =>
    "To tell an action that took place in the past."
    He came. --> Geldi.

    Past tense with -miş is more different than past tense with -di.
    It is used to tell when you heard the action from someone else.
    Example; Ayşe Ali’den ayrılmış (you did not see it, you heard it)

    Hope It will be useful for you , Good luck ! :)

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