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About 吃 chī

Is true that this 喫 is the traditional way to write 吃? How much it is used this form?
Thank you!

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    Yes,It is the traditional form of"吃",and good for you to know it.I often feel sad that as Chinese ourselves have forgot the traditional way of writing traditional Chinese.Against most Chinese' oppinion,I advise you to learn traditional Chinese while working on simplified at the same time,especially if you study Chinese not only for business but for understanding Chinese culture.It is more representative of Chinese tradition and Chinese philosophy and ,it is used today,in Taiwan,Hongkong,The official written form is still traditional Chinese,which makes it meaningful even for pragmatic reasons.Hopefully my words here means something for you .Best wishes on your Chinese study.


    I've never seen it before, and I am pretty sure we don't use it any more.

    "吃" is a verb not a quantifier.

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