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How to answer the question "который час?"?


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    7:30 We may say "семь тридцать", "тридцать минут восьмого/ половина восьмого" (тридцать минут/половина чего? (genetive case)
    7:35 "семь тридцать пять", "без двадцати пяти восемь"
    7:40 "семь сорок", "без двадцати восемь"
    7:45 "без пятнадцати восемь" and so on

    It means "What time it is now", if to translate it word to word - "What hour is it".
    Answer will be same for both questions.
    Like in English and I think in many languages, there are many ways to ask tgis question. And your answer will be current time, if you know it ofcourse.

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