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What the different between "nosotras" and "nosotros" ?

Nosotras estribimos un libro
Nosotros estribimos
Nosotras bebemos vino
Nosotros bebemos agua
Nosotras bebemos el agua
Nosotros somos mujeres
Nosptros no somon hombres

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    "Nosotras" and "Nosotros" are exactly the same word, but the first one is a femenine word, and the second one is a masculine word. Therefore, when you are with other people, and among the people there are men and women, and you (or some of them) want to talk about "we" in spanish, you (or that another person) has to say "nosotros" ("nosotros" can we used by men and women indistinctly). When you are with other people and everyone are women, you (or another person there) has to use "nosotras". And the final situation is when there are men at the same place and they want to use the word "we" in spanish. They must to use "nosotros", because that is the masculine form or the word. So, remember this:

    "men + women" using the word "we" in spanish: Nosotros

    women using the word "we" in spanish: Nosotras

    Men using the word "we" in spanish: Nostoros

    I hope I'd helped you!! ^o^

    Hi, the difference is the gender:

    "Nosotros" is "we" in engilsh (male).
    "Nosotros" is "we in english (female).


    así es! Se trata solo de un asunto de género. Nosotros para hombres, nosotras para mujeres. Es importante señalar además que si en un grupo hay hombres y mujeres, solo decimos "nosotros".


    Nosotros jugamos fútbol (We, only men)
    Nosotras salimos de compras (We, only women)
    Nosotros vamos a bailar a la disco (We, men and women)


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