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"Must", differences between 必须 and 得


Is there any difference between 必须 and 得?

If so, please give example usage :)


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    必须: have to
    Example : 你必须把饭吃完!!!you have to finish all the food !

    得 : should
    Example : 你得把饭吃完!you should finish all the food !

    i think 必须 is more strongly tone .

    hope it helps you a bit

    "必须" means pretty sure, must, have to . ( means you have to do sth ) 我必须早点回家. I must go home earlier.
    "得" means need. ( means you need to do sth) 我得早点回家. I need to go home earlier.

    "必须" Like a command,is very sure, if you don't do something that will cause serious consequences.例:星期一你必须把具体方案交给我,不然我将取消这次的合作。

    “得”Like to persuade,Don't be so sure,If you don't do something, not cause very serious consequences.例:你得按时吃饭,不然胃会疼。

    must , 必须 and 得 the same meaning
    one word could have different speaking,as a Chinese,I think 必须 is no different from 得.

    必须is more equal to must . 得 is equal to should

    they share the same mean. "必须 "is more formal than"得“. "得“ is often used in daily life. And "得” is a dialect in north China.


    As the Chinese for "must", they are interchangeable except that "得" is not used in formal writing.

    BTW: 得(dei3) can also mean 需要.
    In this sentence, you cannot use "必须" instead of "得".

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