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What's the best way of translating time-relative "just?"

For example: I just ate dinner; We just finished talking when he called

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    Hi Trenton:

    The translation in your examples is as follows:

    • I just ate dinner.
    → Acabo de cenar.

    • We just finished talking when he called.
    → Acabamos (acabábamos) de terminar de hablar cuando él llamó.

    But also can be translated in the following ways:

    • solo

    → solo necesito dormir un poco (I just need some sleep).

    • justo

    → Yo tenía justo 5 dólares (I had just 5 dolars).

    • apenas

    → No tengo dinero apenas (I have no money just).

    • tan solo

    → Tan solo necesito 10 euros (I just need 10 euros).

    • solamente

    → Solamente necesito volver a verla de nuevo (I just need to see her again).

    • justamente

    → He ahorrado justamente 4000 euros (I've saved just 4000 euros).

    • exactamente

    → Trenton necesitaba exactamente 2000 euros (John needed just 2000 euros).

    I sincerely hope this helps, Trenton.

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