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Is skype necessary for lessons?

Does anybody know if you absolutely need skype for lessons? I don't have it, but I still want to take/give lessons online.

For learning: Italian
Base language: English
Category: Other


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    No it isn't but it is the easiest and free way to do it. Otherwise you have to choose another software


    With Skype (which is free, or you can choose other similar programs), if you get yourself a computer camera and microphone (which are not very expensive) you can actually have conversation with the person online, seeing the other person, talking as if you were in the same room. Or if you only have a microphone you can still talk, but you don't see each other, it is like talking on the phone. Having a conversation with the person is very important for learning a language (versus just writing to each other), and it is certainly also much more human and pleasant. I would certainly go for it.

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