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Hey guys, my teacher asked me to find the meaning of these words but i cant find it anywhere
what do they mean???

and I need to found out 分 as a verb!! 分= share, right??
and how do I use 之???

Thanks a lot,

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    茶品 is tea
    品茶 means that you drink the tea and juage good taste or bad taste
    酒品 is wine but not equal, alcohol is more accurate, I think


    I'm not a native speaker but my educated guess is

    茶品-tea products
    品茶-to taste/sip tea
    酒品-alcoholic products

    分-to divide

    之- is mostly used just like 的。 However it can also be used as a pronoun.

    分 can be as a verb and noun, it can mean share, divide into, spearte

    as a noun which means mark commonly...for example, what is your mark in the exam = 你成绩是多少分?

    之 is not easy to explain to you, commonly use it as "this", "of"

    品茶:品尝茶,and try to enjoy it and find out what is great about the tea.
    分means "take sth apart"
    之is like"it"in english,pronoun.

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