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Can someone help me with the topic marking particle please ?

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    Here is what I think,

    1. When introducing a new topic, subject markers are preferred.
    There is an apple. 사과*가* 하나 있어요. not 사과*는*...
    The apple is red. 그 사과*는* 빨개요. not 그 사과*가*...

    2. When talking about something usual or general, (subject markers)
    The apple is red. 그 사과는 빨개요.
    (We all think like that, because apples are usually red)
    The apple is red. 그 사과가 빨개요.
    (I expected the apple is blue beause all other apples are blue, but somehow it's red, so I'm surprised)

    3. When talking about "activity", (topic markers)
    I did = 제가 했어요.(not you, we, they but "I", talking about "who")
    I did = 저는 했어요.(talking about what I did because we know "I" did, but we are more interested in WHAT I did)

    There are some more, but it will be enough for introducing the differences betweem them. :)


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