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Can you logically explain the relationship between each store and explain why you choose the answer?


Although the discount stores in Goreville's central shopping district are expected to close within five years as a result of competition from a SpenLess discount department store that just opened, those locations will not stay vacant for long. In the five years since the opening of Colson's, a nondiscount department store, a new store has opened at the location of every store in the shopping district that closed because it could not compete with Closon's.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?

A)Many customers of Colson's are expected to do less shopping there than they did before the SpendLess store opened.
B)Increasingly, the stores that have opened in the central shopping district since Colson's opened have been discount stores.
C)At present, the central shopping district has as many stores operating in it as it ever had
D)Over the course of the next five years,Goreville's population will grow at a faster rate than it has for the past several decades

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    A) No. The fact that many people might spend less at Colson's has nothing to do with the sales at discount stores competing with Spenless. Colson's customers are non-discount.
    B) Yes. The argument would have held if the new stores that replaced by Colson's had been non-discount. But since all the new stores are discount stores, this means that there will be more competition for new discount stores.
    C) No. This does not directly relate to the argument.
    D) No. Just because the population will grow, there is no certainty that many more stores will be needed.

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