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Could you tell me which is right "turn on a computer" or "start the computer" or "open the computer"

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    Turn on the computer/turn the computer on
    Boot up the computer
    "Start the computer" is OK, but not commonly used.
    You don't say "open the computer" unless you're literally opening a laptop and it doesn't mean the same thing as turning it on.
    You can say "open the browser" or "open a program".

    'Turn the computer on' (or 'turn on the computer)' is correct.

    You can also say 'switch the computer on' but I use the first way more often.

    You can use the first 2, but definitely not the last one. In English, we don't open things like computers or lights...which seems to be a common mistake for speakers of other languages.

    Never open/close computers, lights, record players, MP3 players, or anything electronic for that matter (unless you are taking a screw driver and opening it up) you chinese perchance?

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