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Could you tell me whether I can say "cook a lunch"?

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    "Cook lunch" would be more common, but "cook a lunch" is perfectly fine.

    If you're talking specifically about the mid-day meal, you can say 'cook the lunch' (i.e.: 'It's my turn for cooking the luch today').

    But for talking about a meal in general use 'cook a meal' or 'cook the meal' (i.e.: 'I have to cook a meal at least once every day', 'Yesterday I cooked a delicious meal for dinner').


    No, 'cook a lunch" is never perfectly fine, "cook lunch" would be the correct way of saying it if it is a regular thing, like "I'm going to cook lunch" or "I cook lunch every day". Otherwise "Cook a meal", like below.

    "Cook a lunch" may be correct in situations where one is cooking a meal for sometime in the future. For instance, one might "cook a lunch" in the evening to bring to work the next day, although you could also just "cook lunch for tomorrow." It may not be formally correct but I definitely hear it used colloquially. However, most of the time "cook lunch" is used.

    'A lunch' is only used when modifying 'lunch'.

    I cooked a healthy lunch.
    I cooked a lunch consisting of...
    I cooked a lunch that...

    'A lunch' on its own IS acceptable, but if you don't intend to modify 'lunch' then it's more natural to drop the article.

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