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Learning Chinese!


I am willing to learn Chinese language but i have a small problem.
what should I start with? And from where should I start?
I heard that the best way to learn Chinese is starting with learning Pinyin. If so, can you suggest some sites to learn Pinyin?


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    wikipedia => pinyin
    first memorize 410 syllables of pinyin and 5 tones
    then learn words and sentences
    then start using the language for listening, speaking, reading, writing


    从口语开始吧 我正要学英语 我们互相学习吧


    This is a good site to review and practice pinyin:
    Also, I made these youtube video teaching the basic pinyin, hope it helps.


    You can ask me, don't forget. You need a official text book, in fact , I can teach you by voice

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