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"empezar" vs "comenzar"?

What is the difference between "empezar" and "comenzar"? Can you please explain on samples?

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    Hi Olga:

    Here are the meanings in the dictionary and examples:

    Empezar _________

    · To begin, make a beginning to something (la próxima semana empezaremos los seminarios)

    · Start the use or consumption of something (¿has empezado otra botella?)

    · Start something (el partido empezó a las cinco)

    Comenzar _________

    · Start a thing, start (la función ha comenzado).

    Of this you can deduce that they are synonymous, although there can sometimes be some nuance. Maybe "comenzar" is a little more formal.

    Hope this helps, Olga. All the best!

    It mean the same. are synonymous

    Vamos a empezar a comer
    Vamos a comenzar a comer


    son intercambiables, pero "empezar" es más cotidiano y menos formal

    They are the same !

    IS THE SAME (soy español ) :D

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