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What is the meaning of this Japanese sentence?


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    みなさん (minasan) - everyone (polite way of addressing a group of people)
    も (mo) - also
    私たち (watashi-tachi) - us
    私たちのこと (watashi-tachi no koto) - our thing (here meaning "our memory")
    ずっと (zutto) - all the time, at all times
    記憶に (kioku ni) - in memory
    残してくれたら (nokoshite kuretara) - if you keep (as you probably know, くれる is a honorific verb indicating that someone did you a favour)
    嬉しい (ureshii) - happy

    So the whole sentence translates to something like "we'll be happy if you keep us in your memories, too".

    Hope this helps.

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