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What is the grammatical gender of the word for "grandfather" in Russian?

I was reading about grammatical gender online and I came across this statement: "The Russian word for ‘grandfather’ is feminine." As far as I know the words for "grandfather" or "grandpa" are masculine. Am I missing anything?

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    You will find an accurate explanation with examples in this video:

    (After 03:00 you will see the explanation for exceptions and that is where your question is answered)

    I hope it helps you.

    You are right, 'grandfather' is masculine. 'МоЙ старЫЙ дедушка'

    No, whatever your source says, the word for 'grandfather' is masculine in Russian, besides the fact that the word 'дедушка' ends in a vowel. It is masculine simply because 'дедушка' is a man. :)
    - Мой дедушка добрый.
    - Моя бабушка добрая.
    - Мой папа умный.
    - Моя мама умная.
    - Мой друг классный.
    - Моя подруга классная.


    Como ya te dijeron, la palabra "дедушка" es masculina, pero como se termina en A, se comporta de manera igual a la de las palabras femininas, quiero decir se declina del mismo modo. Puedes comparar 2 palabras: дедушка и тётя:
    - Я люблю (своего) дедушкУ.
    - Я люблю (свою) тётЮ.

    - У (моего) дедушкИ есть собака.
    - У (моей) тётИ есть собака. etc
    Pero como puedes verlo, los adjetivos o demonstativos se usan según el género real (del sexo en este caso).

    "grandfather" or "grandpa" are masculine in all their forms:
    старЫЙ дедушка, злОЙ дед, роднОЙ дедуля, добрЫЙ дедуся, шустрЫЙ дедок

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